Green Arrow Super Powers Collection Gentle Giant Jumbo Action Figure

Gentle Giant

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Product Features

The Green Arrow jumbo figure was developed using state of the art 3D technology. Gentle Giant Ltd. has taken an original mint DC Super Powers Green Arrow figure and created a highly accurate digital model with the use of 3D scanners

This digital model was then scaled to a jumbo 12 inch 1:6 scale size and printed using top of the line 3D Systems printers

The DC Super Powers Collection jumbo figures from Gentle Giant Ltd. are made from high quality vinyl and ABS plastic parts

Many of the figures will also include fabric capes and accessories, and in Green Arrow's case, his trusty bow and arrow

Finally, these incredible figures feature retro art packaging, and come in a protective re-sealable blister pack

Sub Category: Superhero Action Figures
Brand: DC
UPC/EAN: 814176020690
Manufacturer: Gentle Giant
SKU: GG020690