Captain America: Allies & Enemies Trade Paperback

Marvel Comics

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Written by Kathyrn Immonen

In Crossbones, a virus is unleashed on an isolated island and the skull-faced psychopath is dispatched to rescue the one person who may hold the cure. Then watch as Sharon Carter and the Black Widow join forces to take down an under-aged assassin

Then the Falcon must confront his if he wants to save a young man from fallinto into gang violence. Also, it's the moment Batroc has been waiting for as an opportunity to take down Cap presents itself but now that he has the chance to take down is nemesis...will he take it

Collects Captain America and Falcon #1, Captain America and the First Thirteen #1, Captain America and the Crossbones #1, Captain America and Batroc #1 and Captain America and the Secret Avengers #1

Rated T

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